2013 Night Shift Barrel Society

SOLD OUT FOR 2013 –  Registration for the 2014 Night Shift Barrel Society begins Monday, September 9 for current 2013 members, and Tuesday, October 1 for all non-members. For more information, please email info@nightshiftbrewing.com

If you’ve been to our brewery recently, you might’ve noticed a growing collection of barrels. While they certainly make for good decoration, these barrels represent something much more exciting: the opportunity for us to create complex, beautiful, barrel-aged beers. We’d like such beers to eventually become the cornerstone of our brand, the very best of what Night Shift Brewing has to offer.

To say we’ve been humbled by all the incredible support from our local community so far would be an understatement. We love our fans and love sharing Night Shift Brewing with them. So, as we look to 2013, we’d like share the next big chapter of our brewery’s story.

We’re very excited to begin the 2013 Night Shift Barrel Society. In doing so, we offer our supporters the most unique, most memorable barrel-aged beers that Night Shift will produce in 2013. In exchange, our supporters help advance Night Shift Brewing’s expansion (more barrels, more fermenters, more barrel-aged Night Shift beer!).

Ok, sounds interesting – how does it work? We’ve designed the Night Shift Barrel Society  to function much like a typical farm’s CSA (community supported agriculture). Members pay for our “crop” up front (helping us fund its production), and then reap the bounty of barrel “harvests” as the year passes. Every beer released will have seen oak for at least four months, will be exclusive to the Night Shift Barrel Society, and will come with a Night-Shift-guarantee of innovation, memorability, and general deliciousness.

Now, the details. Membership to the 2013 Night Shift Barrel Society is $250 and includes the following:

• One 2013 Night Shift Barrel Society Membership Card

Not the most exciting piece of the package (that would be the beer), but the most immediately available. We figured it will be especially useful for those planning to gift the Night Shift Barrel Society membership. Essentially, it will be a very classy business card, printed with the member’s name, and suitable for bragging rights in almost any situation.

NOTE: If you’re splitting membership with a friend or significant other, we can offer a second card with their name on it at no extra cost. Please just indicate the second name-to-be-printed in the “Order Notes” field during checkout!

NOTE: If your order is placed by 11/25/12, we can guarantee mailing the card to your listed address by 12/15/12

• Seven barrel-aged beers (fourteen bottles)

Seven different barrel-aged beers from Night Shift Brewing (750 ml corked-and-caged bottles), exclusive to the Night Shift Barrel Society. Every member receives a pair of each, so fourteen bottles total (we recommend drinking one, cellaring the other). Six of the beers will be recipes of our own creation (likely a Flanders Red, a Golden Brett, a couple Imperials (Tripel/Barleywine/Coffee Stout), a barrel-aged IPA, and a 100% brett fermented beer), and one will be a Night Shift Barrel Society Collaboration, crowd-sourced amongst all members.

• Priority to purchase additional bottles of each beer, if the barrels prove more fruitful than expected

• Two drinking glasses exclusive to the Night Shift Barrel Society

• One T-shirt exclusive to the Night Shift Barrel Society 

NOTE: If you’re splitting membership with a friend or significant other, we can add a second shirt for $10 (which can be paid when you pick up the shirts in 2013). Please just indicate that you’d like a second shirt in the “Order Notes” field during checkout.

• First rights to renew your membership for 2014

• Two tickets to an end-of-the-year Night Shift Barrel Society Party

Celebrating great beer and showing our gratitude for your support, we’ll be pouring samples of all 7 Night Shift Barrel Society beers, and perhaps a few other cellared treasures. Food, fanciness, and fun a’plenty.

For 2013, we can only offer 200 memberships (about as much as our nanobrewery can handle). If you’d like to share in this next chapter of our journey, please click the button below:


As always, thanks so much for all your support. Keep sharing the night!

Questions? Concerns? Enjoy clicking links? Check out the FAQ We tried to answer every question we could think of, but if you’re still left confused, shoot us an email at info@nightshiftbrewing.com and we’ll respond shortly.

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