2013 Night Shift Barrel Society FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the 2014 Night Shift Barrel Society begins Monday, September 9 for current 2013 members, and Tuesday, October 1 for all non-members. For more information, please email info@nightshiftbrewing.com

Q: How did you come up with the price?

A: We came up with the price based on the following:

  • 14 bottles of barrel-aged beer that we’d retail for $15 each ($210) discounted 10% = $190
  • 2 glasses that we’d retail for $8 each = $16
  • 1 T-Shirt that we’d retail for $15 (remember, you can get a 2nd shirt for $10 if you’re splitting membership)
  • $4 for online processing fees
  • $25 to help us make that end-of-the-year party as awesome as possible (includes two tickets to the party)
  • Membership card’s on us! (remember, you can get a second card (no extra charge) if you’re splitting membership)

Q: All right, that sounds pretty good. But, what are you doing with my money?

A: We have a very specific plan for where the Night Shift Barrel Society funds go. Here it is:

  • 3-4 new stainless steel fermenting tanks (to double our capacity!)
  • Many more barrels of all types for our beers
  • Forklift for moving beer, barrels, large groups of people…
  • The Night Shift Delivery Van
  • More kegs for more draft beer!

Q: What beers can I expect?

A: We’re still finalizing a few details, but you can expect the following:

  • 2 sours (Flanders Red/Golden Brett/fruit-aged)
  • 2 imperials (Tripel/Barleywine/Coffee Stout – to be decided)
  • 1 barrel-aged IPA
  • 1 beer 100% brett-fermented  (wild yeast strain)
  • And the 7th beer will be decided by you!

*This breakdown is subject to change.

Q: A beer decided by me? What’s a crowd-sourced beer?

A: Using the imagination and  taste buds of the Night Shift Barrel Society members, we will create a custom batch of awesome beer. From the barrel type, to the hops, to the yeast strain being used – we’re putting the beer in your hands (and, eventually, mouths). A combination of polls and forums will be used to come up with the final beer recipe.

Q: Can I split membership with a friend or significant other?

A: Absolutely. Online payment must be processed under a single credit card, but the package itself can very easily be split between two people (pairs of each beer, two glasses, two end-of-the-year party tickets).  If you are splitting and would like a second membership card, please just indicate the second name-to-be-printed in the “Order Notes” field during checkout (no charge for the additional card). As for a second T-shirt – again, just indicate that you’d like a second shirt in the “Order Notes” field. Cost of the second shirt is $10, payable upon pickup in 2013.

Q: Where can I get my beers?

A: We’ll only be releasing these beers directly from our brewery taproom (we just prefer seeing our supporters in person). You can pick them up from the brewery at any time, and we’re happy to hold them for you until convenient. Any questions can be directed to us at info@nightshiftbrewing.com.

Q: Can you ship the beer?

A: Sadly, we are not legally allowed to ship beers. The barrel society is currently designed for local residents, non-local residents who have someone picking up the beers for them, or non-local residents who plan to pick up the beers in one or two trips.

Q: When will I receive my beers?

A: The beers will be released throughout the year. We’ll likely have more releases later in the year than earlier, as we want the beer to be on oak for sufficient time. We won’t rush any of the beers, so it’s a bit hard to predict exact dates. Of course, we’ll notify members of the launch date for each beer. If you can’t make that date, no problem at all – we’ll hold your beer until you’re able to pick it up.

Q: I’m not local, but would like to join anyway. Can I just pick up all my beers at once?

A: If you’re OK waiting until the end of 2013 to pick up all of your beers, we’re happy to hold them for you. Keep in mind that certain releases will be seasonally-timed, but if you don’t mind the wait, neither do we. You can also schedule a couple pickups (instead of seven) over the course of the year. Also, you can send a proxy to pick up the beers in your stead (just indicate their name in the “Order Notes” field during checkout).

Q: Hold long will you hold my beers?

A: We’ll hold any and all of your beers until 30 days after the last bottle’s release, which is scheduled for sometime in December.

Q: Will non-Barrel Society members be able to buy these beers?

A: We’re structuring the Night Shift Barrel Society so that we bottle about as many beers as we have memberships. If we do produce a few additional bottles, we’ll contact Night Shift Barrel Society members about priority purchasing from the taproom. If any bottles remain unclaimed by members after that for a determined period of time (we highly doubt this), the bottles will be sold to the general public.

Q: Can I cancel or get a refund for my membership?

A: All sales are final. We cannot issue a refund for any reason. But, let’s be honest, you won’t want one.
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