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Q: How can I purchase a 2017 Barrel Society membership?

A: The 2017 Barrel Society is sold out. Stay tuned to our newsletter and our social media accounts for info about signing up for next year's Society!

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Q: What beers can I expect?

A: We’re still finalizing a few details, but here's an initial preview (subject to change):

Barleywine aged in scotch, calvados, brandy, or cognac barrels (subject to barrel availability)
Belgian DIPA aged in white wine barrels with brett
Mixed ferment saison aged in gin barrels with honey, lavender, & peaches
Farmhouse ale aged in white wine barrels with Meyer lemon & grapefruit zest
All beers will be in 750ml bottles and aged on oak for a minimum of six months.

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Q: All right, that sounds pretty awesome. But, what are you doing with my money?

A: A Taproom facelift! We're working on an exterior enhancement plan that includes a giant owl (of course), badass steel signage, and can artwork painted all over the place. We're also going to make some upgrades to our Taproom bar and seating area. With the Annex now open, our original Taproom needs to up its game!

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Q: What does a membership include?

A: Membership includes the following:

  • Four different barrel-aged beers (750ml bottles) exclusive to the 2017 Barrel Society
  • Two bottles of each release
  • Two 2017 Barrel Society glasses
  • One 2017 Barrel Society membership t-shirt
  • Access to the Taproom's Barrel Society-only draft line
  • Access to a ticketed end-of-year party (capacity limited)
  • Exclusive access to purchase leftover 2016 Barrel Society bottles
  • First rights to renew your membership for 2018

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Q: Barrel Society draft line? Please explain!

A: We have a draft line exclusively devoted to draft pours for Barrel Society members. The 2017 draft line will feature each release as it's available, so you'll always be able to try the newest release and decide if you'd like to save your bottles for later! Note: as long as the 2017 member is present, one guest of theirs can also access the Barrel Society draft line. Trustees do not have access to the Barrel Society draft line.

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Q: Can I split membership with a friend or significant other?

A: All memberships will be treated as individual memberships. We request that each membership be associated with only one person. Trustees are not considered members (unless they are also members themselves).

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Q: Where can I get my beers?

A: We'll only be releasing these beers directly from the Night Shift Taproom. You can pick them up from the brewery anytime after each release, and we’re happy to hold them for you until January 31, 2018. Any questions can be directed to us at

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Q: Can you ship the beer?

A: Sadly, we are not legally allowed to ship beers. The Barrel Society is currently designed for local residents, non-local residents who have someone picking up the beers for them, or non-local residents who plan to pick up the beers in one or two trips.

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Q: When can I pick up my beers and/or merch?

A: The beers will be released throughout the year, about one every quarter of 2017. The beers tell us when they're ready, so it’s a bit hard to predict exact dates. Of course, we’ll notify members via email about the release date for each beer. If you can’t make that date, no problem at all - we’ll hold your beer until you’re able to pick them up (last possible pickup date: January 31, 2018).

We hope to have merch (glassware & t-shirts) ready for pickup in January or February 2017. We're aiming for January, but if memberships are still coming in on December 31, 2016, we can't place our order until after that date, and shirt/glassware delivery can sometimes be more than four weeks. We'll keep members posted either way.

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Q: How long will you hold my beers?

A: We'll hold any and all of your beers until January 31, 2018. Anything leftover will be considered forfeited, and likely be sold to 2018 Barrel Society members.

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Q: I’m not local, but would like to join anyway. Can I just pick up all my beers at once?

A: If you’re OK waiting until the end of the year to pick up all of your beers, we’re happy to hold them for you. Keep in mind that certain releases will be seasonally-timed, but if you don’t mind the wait, neither do we. You can also schedule a couple pickups (instead of four) over the course of the year. Please note that final pickups must be by January 31, 2018.

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Q: Can I send a trustee to pick up my beers for me?

Yes. On the 2017 Barrel Society Membership product page, you can specify the full name and email address of the person who will be picking up your beers. Please know that, in doing this, you are authorizing the release of all Barrel Society items to this person. We cannot take responsibility for ensuring this person's trustworthiness, and are not liable for what happens to the items once they leave the brewery.

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Q: Do I have to designate a trustee now / can I change my trustee?

You don't have to designate a trustee during checkout, but we recommend that you do if you plan on having someone else pick up beers for you. You can definitely add a trustee or change your trustee at a later date as well. This year, we hope to allow members to make this change online, but you can also email us at This can be done anytime during your membership. Please keep in mind that we only allow 1 trustee per membership, and we ask that you notify us of any trustee changes at least 48 hours in advance of that person coming by the Taproom to pick up your bottles.

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Q: Can I buy a Barrel Society membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes. During the checkout process, you can specify the membership as a gift. Please still fill out your own billing and contact details. In December of 2016, we'll email you to collect the information of the person being gifted. We won't reach out to that person until after the holiday season has passed.

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Q: Is there anything I can give my giftee ahead of time?

A: If you'd like to provide something for your giftee ahead of 2017, please follow this link for a welcome card that you can print out or email.

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Q: Will you be selling extra Barrel Society t-shirts this year?

A: We plan on selling extra Barrel Society t-shirts in early 2017. All members will get email updates about ordering extras.

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Q: Will non-Barrel Society members be able to buy these beers?

A: We're structuring the Barrel Society so that we bottle about as many beers as we have memberships. We don't anticipate selling any Barrel Society beers to the general public.

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Q: How did you come up with the price?

A: Because members are taking a chance on beers that don't exist yet and supporting our creativity, we offer Barrel Society beers at a discount. Next year's beers, aged in oak a minimum of six months, would retail to the general public for $19-$21/bottle; we are offering them for $18/bottle. Membership cost includes:

  • $18 discounted price for each bottle of beer (8 bottles total)
  • Barrel Society t-shirt and glassware
  • Online processing fees 

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Q: Can I cancel or get a refund for my membership?

A: All sales are final. We cannot issue a refund for any reason. Our goal is to make sure you won’t want one.

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