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Bennington (affectionately known as "Benny") is one of our beloved fall beers. Inspired by the warming comfort of Vermont maple syrup, this oatmeal stout is luscious, velvety, and just a touch sweet. Benny is brewed with cocoa to add that rich, brownie-like quality that we all crave. It's a New England-inspired treat that we look forward to every year. 

The Bennington label is as handcrafted as the beer inside. To design it, we created a print from a fallen tree trunk, then digitized the image and rendered our glorious hop owl over it. We hop it does justice to the origins of our special maple ingredient - always gets us stoked when September comes along!

ABV: 7.6%

Availability: September - November

Recommended Glassware: Tulip

Tasting Notes: Molasses, brownie, full-bodied

Food Pairings: Fried meats, pie, savory breakfast foods

First Released: 12/5/16