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Style: German-style hefeweizen

ABV: 5.5%

Tasting Notes: Cloudy, clove, banana

Description: Traditional hefeweizen exhibiting a hazy body, white head, and aromas of banana and clove. Expect a medium-light body, substantial yeast esters, and notes of wheat.

The Story: Banana, clove, and wheat notes can only mean one thing: a true Bavarian-style hefeweizen. Furth is just that - a hefe brewed true to German tradition; full of complex flavor, yet drinkable to the last sip.

The cornerstone of this versatile beer is the yeast we use to brew it. Hefeweizen yeast produces esters that impart those recognizable aromas and flavors of banana and spice. It also makes the beer pour beautifully and sit soft on the mouth, with a modest 5.5% ABV. Furth is a beer that we're proud to have in our year-round lineup because it's inspired by the brewers who broke ground long before us. . We hope you enjoying sharing the experience with us. Prost!