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Our sour ale base is fermented exclusively in stainless steel tanks with both lactobacillus and brewer’s yeast to achieve a high level of complexity and refreshing tartness. Through experimentation and research, our Production and Quality Assurance teams have  developed a unique set of conditions that allow the two cultures to coexist - hence the term "mixed fermentation". Each achieves their goal in harmony - the lacto builds a foundational sourness, while the brewer's yeast creates alcohol. After fermentation is complete, we age the base with different combinations of fruits and spices to highlight flavor profiles that excite us.

We've been innovating this process since the company's inception in 2012, when we released our first sour beer, Somer Weisse (which was brewed with lemongrass and ginger). Since then, we've continued to push forward, developing new processes, designing new labels, and utilizing new packaging formats. Cheers to more sour beer!  


Available at our Taproom and on the shelves in Massachusetts!

What is mixed fermentation?

We sat down with Head Brewer Joe Mashburn and Microbiologist Katie Miller to discuss our mixed fermentation sour process, and the ingredients involved it in. Learn more about how we create our Weisse series, and why we're so excited to have these beers available in 16oz cans!


Only available at the Taproom for a limited time only! Check our current draft list to see what's on now.