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For 2018, we made some big changes to the Barrel Society! We want to offer more people more access to our barrel-aged beer membership program, more often than ever before! Not only that, but we're giving our brewers even more freedom to experiment and bring innovative, barrel-aged beers to your glasses and cellars. 

Effective now, our Barrel Society operates as a forever-inclusive mailing list. No sign up fee, and once you're in, you'll have access to information about all Barrel Society releases, events, and other perks. Wanna sign up? Do it here.

Want more info? Here's what members can expect: 

  • Barrel-aged beer releases. All barrel-aged beers will now be a part of our Barrel Society (including Darkling, El Lechedor, etc). The public will still have a chance to purchase the majority of these beers, but a portion of all bottles will be pre-sold via the NSBS email list. If you're looking to get exclusive, early access, the Barrel Society is your ticket! 
    **Note: you will be able to designate another person ("trustee") to pick up your beer within the one week timeline if you pre-purchase a bottle.**
  • Barrel-aged beer events. We'll be hosting a variety of events centered around barrel-aged beer (of course). Tastings with the brewers, release parties, cellared tappings, and more! Signing up ensures that you get the first crack at tickets if it's a ticketed event, or RSVPs if it's free.
  • NSBS draft line updates. Per usual, we'll keep at least one of our draft lines NSBS-centric. Each email update will let you know what barrel-aged beer is on tap for you to try at the Taproom. Even if you haven't gotten an update recently, there will be something on tap for you to try - just ask a bartender what's available! 
  • Cellaring notes and updates from the brewers. The beauty of cellar-able beers is that they develop over time! We'll be checking in on how our past releases are maturing and sharing the tasting notes with you. 

If you have any questions about the society, please feel free to consult the FAQs below, or to email us:



Sometimes our email newsletters include Q+A with an NSB brewer. Have a question to submit? Use the button!


Why change to a no-membership fee model?
The goal here was to remove the upfront cost for members, while making sure people only pay for beer that they're supremely stoked about. Meanwhile, it frees up our production staff to do smaller batches, experiment with new processes, and create one-off draft beers that reflect what they're interested in at the moment.

We also wanted to ensure that new barrel-aged beer fans could join NSBS at any time, rather than only during a limited sign-up period. Our new model allows people to come and go as they please.

What happens if you sell out of a beer before the public gets a crack at it? 
Unfortunately, that means it's a Barrel Society-only release, and the public will have to wait until the next one. The good news is that the public is always welcome to join the Society if they’d like advance access! 

How long will you hold bottles after a pre-sale?
You'll be able to pick up your beer ahead of the public release date, and pre-sold bottles will be held at the Taproom for 1 week after that date before we'll add them to the public pool. Let us know if there's an extenuating circumstance, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

How will I know what special BA beer is available on tap?
Just ask a bartender! They can let you know what's available at the moment.

Can I get a refund on tickets or on a beer order?
We'll happily refund event purchases up until 24 hours before an event. Beer purchases are non-refundable unfortunately, and will be released to the public if not claimed during the pick-up period.